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Bull Shark Adrenaline Dive

BULL SHARK diving is an adrenaline adventure. From late november till early march, bull sharks arrive to the Playa Del Carmen area. This dive is your chance to get up close to one of the worlds most incredible predators in their natural habitat.This dive is not for everyone as all divers must remain calm while in the water.


Our Bull shark dive normally draws between 8 - 12 bull sharks at a time. Our average depth is around 70 feet with good visibility.

Most of the sharks we encounter are pregnant females which dominate the smaller males and will pass by very close.. This is normal behavior for them, and your adrenaline will be pumping. We do use frozen fish in a custom made container to bring the sharks in close, which at times will excite the sharks. Sharks are at the upper end of the food chain and are vital for the health of the ecosystem. The more we learn about these animals the more we can appreciate and respect them.



    *Advanced divers (more than 50 logged dives)
  *No bright colors.
  *Good air consumption.
  *No equalizing problems.

  **It is important that You follow the dive plan as instructed and conduct yourself as a good diver for your own safety and that of the rest of the group.

Cost: 170USD

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