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Cozumel Turtles - Baby Sea Turtle Workshops

Summer months bring the arrival of nesting sea turtles to Cozumel beaches. The two species , Green and Loggerhead turtles start nesting at the end of April and continue to nest through the summer.

As in the past, there are opportunities for people to participate in the nesting activities of the sea turtles. Take note that any turtle nesting activity must be coordinated with Official Government agencies conducting the programs. Both Ecologia Cozumel which is the Municipal Agency and FPMC Cozumel which is the Federal Agency.

There are individuals on Cozumel who portray themselves as working in collaboration with the government and are simply enriching themselves at the expense of the hard working volunteers.

Read this article of how one individual #CindyTrautwein from #FlipToursCozumel is being exposed for how she conducts illegal turtle tours which violate Mexican Federal Law.

You can contact either official government agency direct at their facebook pages through messaging.

Office on 65 Avenue

Office on 30th ave and also at the Cozumel Museum, 3 blocks past the ferry on the waterfront.

Contact through facebook.

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