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Sailfish Snorkel Tour

This is a seasonal tour for good swimmers wanting some serious adventure. From from feb - mid march, sailfish ,migrate to the area around isla mujares.The sailfish is the fastest fish which exist, reaching speeds up to 110km per hr, or 30 metres per second. This fish is capable of travelling an Olympic pool in less than a second! This is amazing!

The sail fish is a migratory species
and usually travels alone or in very small groups. It is carnivorous fish and eats small fish like Blue runners. The season starts in mid January and ends in March.

Deep blue snorkeling is a new and exciting tour ​for Blue H2O Cozumel Ocean Tours.



​All tours leave from Cancun and

In approximately 1 hr we arrive to an area frequented by large pelagics.
Sometimes we are able to find them quickly and other times we may need to search more.

Birds are the first thing we look for as they are usually feeding from the surface with the sailfish below.


In addition to sailfish, we have a good chance of seeing mantas,dolphins, false killerwhales, silky sharks, whalesharks, mobula rays among other large pelagic fish.

Cost : $225 USD

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